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About us

Thanks for finding us!

Caribú is a brand of leather accessories “made in Spain”. We offer handmade products where we want to highlight their quality and design. Our product is timeless, unique and quality.

It was born with the dream of MARIONA, a young designer from Barcelona, ​​to create her own line of bags. After graduating and working for several Spanish luxury brands for years, he decided to start his own adventure to contribute his vision of the market. He found his partner Cristian as a partner and together, we are the ones who address you in these lines.

“I haven't been passionate about fashion since I was little, or so I thought. Once I entered, I realized that it was more a part of me than I thought: paying attention to my own way of dressing and that of others to be able to define my own style. I understood that with dedication I could define my own trend and style and not try to follow that of others. That fashion is not only what we see but what each of us contributes when we dress. That's why our bags are a reflection of my personality. They do not follow trends but rather show what I would want to wear, and that is precisely what makes them unique and timeless.”

Skins from industry surpluses

Our leathers are sourced from local suppliers, along with whom we source the best surpluses that the luxury brand market does not take advantage of. Yes, we use all the leather that other brands do not use, not because of the quality (always maximum) but because of excess stock. We give them an "extra life", a meaning, a reason for being. That's why we call it ethical skin.

For us this is a fundamental point that clearly defines us. Giving these leathers a useful life makes us proud while making our bags even more unique products, since by using surplus stock is limited and therefore the number of units we can make of each one is limited.

What are our beliefs?

We believe in things well made, worked on and treated with love.

We work to create unique and exclusive pieces that last a lifetime. Slow fashion and ethical design are part of our DNA. We move away from the demands of the Mass Market and general trends, since at Caribú we only do what reflects our personality.

Awareness - people and environment

Taking care of our world is everyone's job. At Caribú we take into account not only people, but also the environment.

We believe that the beauty of handmade product is perfectly compatible with avant-garde design. That's why we decided to trust local artisans in our production, making each CARIBÚ bag unique.

Our artisanal production helps maintain the ecosystem and textile economy in Spain. Our production cost reflects the highest level of working conditions and business awareness. Producing in our country means that our product does not benefit from unfair trade, extreme working conditions or exploitation of any kind.

The fact of having local production allows us not to use mass means of transportation (plane, ship), which are the main polluting agents of the textile industry. Likewise, both the bags, boxes and packaging are 100% recycled or organic.

Thank you for wanting to meet us. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to tell us. You can send us an email , contact us online or call us directly.

Mariona and Cristian.

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